What are my rights?

You'll find helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions and information about the legal framework below.


Punctuality and compensation

My train was late / cancelled. What can I do?


Cancellation and refunds

I would like to cancel or return my ticket. What are my rights?


Time limits:
Compensation and refunds

I've not received any feedback yet.
Does this case involve deadlines that need to be met?


Ticket inspections and fines

My ticket was checked. How can I appeal against a fine?


Ticket prices, terms and conditions and information duties

What duties do railway companies and integrated ticket organisations have?

If you would like to submit a request for arbitration to apf because you have not received a satisfactory or no response from the airline, please use our ONLINE ARBITRATION REQUEST.  The apf will help you free of charge and free of commission.

Informatiosn on passenger rights for train, bus, ship and flight are also avaiable on the YOUR EUROPE portal.