The Agency for Passenger Rights (apf) is the statutory arbitration and enforcement body for rail, bus, air and ship transport.

In the framework of its arbitration activities it is responsible for clarification of passenger complaints, using out-of-court dispute resolution, and helps passengers obtain justice in their disputes. In its function as an enforcement body, apf audits compliance with passenger rights grounded in EU regulations in rail, bus, air and ship transport. The apf is situated as a department under Schienen-Control

A complaint must basically be brought before apf by means of an online complaint form. Should that not be possible for you, you can also transmit your complaint to us, with all necessary enclosures, by post or fax (procedure direktive apf).

Agency for Passenger Rights
Linke Wienzeile 4/1/6
1060 Vienna
+43 (0) 1 5050707-700


Travel-Net was established in November 2017. In accordance with Article 16 paragraph 2 of the Directive on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes Travel-Net supports the cooperation of national ADR entities (entities offering out-of-court dispute resolution). It also fosters the exchange and dissemination of tried and tested procedures, as well as experiences, relating to travel in general.