Sample Letter Flight - Compensation

On this page you will find sample letters for the following situations that you can use to lodge a complaint with an airline:

The sample letters are based on the EU Flight Compensation Regulation (Regulation (EC) 261/2004) and inform the airline of your rights. You can modify each of the letters to fit your circumstances by choosing the text modules that are relevant to you.

If your airline only accepts complaints online, you can copy the text modules and paste them into the online form.

If you are sending your complaint to the airline by post, we recommend you send the letter by registered post, as this is the only way in which you can prove that the letter was actually delivered to the recipient.

You are welcome to contact the experts at apf by phone on +43 1 5050707 - 740.

If you receive no answer within six weeks, or if the answer you receive is unsatisfactory, the apf will help you assert your rights. In this case, please use the online complaints form to ensure that all the necessary documents are provided and our experts can contact the company concerned as quickly as possible. Click here to go straight to the complaints form.

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